Another WordPress Issue

Hello and welcome to yet another edition of WordPress vulnerabilities! Today’s edition consists of a fairly nasty hack that is outlined at (at the very bottom is a link to the Securi website scanner that will help you find out if your site is compromised). In case the article is more than you want to […]

WordPress 4.2.3

There has been a new version of WP released overnight. Some of you who have already been moved to our new server might already have had the update automatically applied to your site. If you log into your WP dashboard and see the version is 4.2.3, you are fine. If not, however, this is a […]

Akismet – Getting your own license

Janelle from SWKLS wrote: I *think* when KLOW first started several sites were sharing an Akismet key, but I could be wrong in this thinking. I think this key may have been set up when the sites were installed. I just thought I would give you a heads up in case other sites have issues. […]

Makerbook – Image Resources

Have you ever needed a creative spark? A new place to find royalty free images? How about some help in picking a color palette? Did you ever look at your websites background and think “I’d love to have a texture here”? I discovered a neat portal to explore all these things, it is called Makerbook. […]

Yet Another WordPress Upgrade (YAWU)

I’m going to have to start using the acronym above because I’m spending more time typing the words “Upgrade Your WordPress” than I should be these days… So, please upgrade your WordPress, both the core software (to 4.2.2) and the Twenty-fifteen theme, which has a specific vulnerability. The new upgrade addressed some security issues and […]