Do you use the Slider Revolution plugin?

If you do, there is a major vulnerability in older versions that is causing a BUNCH of problems with the WordPress sites that use it. One issue is that the older, insecure version is shipped with some themes (but I’m not sure which ones – I’ve not seen a list of them, I’ll post when/if I do) and so you might not even realize you have it. It does seem to be a premium offering – so if you’ve never purchased a theme or a plugin, you are safe. If you have, check your plugins (Dashboard –> Plugins –> Installed Plugins) and see if Slider Revolution is there. If it is – update it immediately (if it’s not already at the 4.1.4 version). I think, for the most part, KLOW isn’t going to be affected by this because we tend to use free themes, but this plugin is cheap ($18) and so it might have been purchased and used by some of our libraries! Better safe than sorry!!

More information can be found at

WordPress 4.0.1

So far, in the few days that we’ve been using the newest version of WP (4.0.1) over at the NEKLS website, we’ve seen no real problems. The database update seemed to take a few minutes, so you might not want to do it in the middle of the day, but it wasn’t more than 3 minutes, tops, for our rather large site, so it likely won’t be a big deal for most of you. There aren’t a lot of cool updates – just some refinements of media handling and such – so there is no major rush to upgrade. As of right now, there are no security issues with 4.0, but that can change any time, so while you don’t have to rush to update, we are recommending that you do it before too long.
As always – ask Robin ( or Ryan ( if you have any questions about the updates!

WordPress 4 has been released

I’ve updated this site to the new WP 4 and it seemed to go smoothly. It did require a database update, so if you decide to upgrade soon, you may want to be sure you have a backup of your database (though we keep backups of them on the server and can grab them if you have a problem). The new features of WP 4 include some improved editing of both images and content and a new plugin gallery that will make finding and installing plugins easier. Otherwise, it seems much the same as before!

As always, be sure to contact Ryan or I if you have questions or concerns about the upgrading process!

Update to WP 3.9.1

After some testing, it appears that the update to WordPress version 3.9.1 is not causing problems on any sites that have done it. There are some benefits – mainly making images easier to edit and insert – and some improvements to widget and header previews in the theme customization side of WordPress. As always, let Ryan or I know if you all need us to help you out with the update! Happy posting!!

A List of KLOW Sites

There is a list, organized alphabetically, of all the KLOW sites in Kansas. This was hand-crafted, so it is pretty basic, but if you had any questions about what libraries are and are not part of KLOW, this is the definitive list. Please let me ( know if there are any libraries on the list that shouldn’t be or if you don’t find a particular KLOW site there.

Event Calendar 3 for PHP 5.3

Just a quick note for those of you who use this plugin – development on it has stopped and it hasn’t been updated in 2 years. Some folks who use it are finding it’s not working as the WordPress software updates and changes. No corresponding updates are being made to this plugin, so it’s not keeping up!

Here at NEKLS, we use the Events Manager plugin ( which is up-to-date and pretty robust. Please feel free to ask your system techs if you need help installing/configuring this plugin! As always, feel free to contact Ryan ( or Robin ( if you have any questions!

WordPress 3.8 install revisited

We may have spoken too soon – the new WordPress 3.8 admin design seems to be flawed! The main issue seems to be the new admin CSS styles – they aren’t loading properly some of the time, giving you a list of bulleted items that you have to scroll past,  several pages down, to get to the page you want. Even then, because the CSS that lays out the pages in the admin area isn’t being loaded, the pages look and act “wrong” at times.

The best fix for this right now is to hold off on upgrading. If it’s too late for you to do that, you can click on the “Upgrades” menu item (it’s toward the top when the CSS hasn’t loaded) and scroll down past all the menu items until you find the “reinstall” button below. Click that button, wait for a few moments for the code to re-load and then refresh your page. This fixes it 100% of the time. For at least a day.

Please remember you can always ask us for help if you need it – email us at if you would like us to do this for you – we’ll get to it ASAP! Thanks – and keep an eye out for an announcement that WP has released a patch and fixed the issue – we hope to see that coming soon!

Is your text gone?

When you go to the editing screens on your website, is your text gone? Have your editing buttons at the top of your page disappeared? You are not alone! We are seeing this happen to a few of our libraries websites today (and it just happened on this website 2 minutes ago!!). In every case, upgrading to WP 3.8 or, in the case of this site, reinstalling that update fixes the issue. To find the update page, hover your mouse over the Dashboard menu item – that will bring up the updates menu and the button to reinstall WP is right there at the top of the page.

According to my Internet sleuthing, this appears to be a common issue with a number of different causes. If updating or reinstalling WP doesn’t work for you, let Ryan or I know – we’ll dig into it further to see what might be causing the issue for you!

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